A Trusted Legal Business Advisor And Litigator Relied Upon To Solve Problems

With nearly 25 years of experience helping businesses avoid and overcome a wide variety of employment law challenges, Sorensen Law Group, P.C. can help your business.

Sorensen Law Group, P.C. provides highly effective support to businesses throughout California from our office in Silicon Valley.

Critical Business Issues Call For Experienced Counsel

Employment law matters such as wage and hour, trade secrets, wrongful termination, discrimination and retaliation need to be handled with extreme care. If such matters are poorly handled, the chance increases for costs and disruption of the business to have a seriously damaging impact on the organization you lead. At Sorensen Law Group, P.C., we understand the business community and have worked to support business leaders through whatever challenges they faced for nearly 25 years.

Can You Afford The Chance That Your Issue May Not Be Adequately Resolved?

Having the right attorney by your side can provide a real sense of confidence and peace of mind when your business is confronting or seeking to avoid employment law or trade secret issues. Sorensen Law Group, P.C. assists businesses that do not currently have in-house counsel as well as those that do and who are looking for an exceptional breadth of knowledge on employment law matters and litigation. Sorensen Law Group, P.C. is ready and able to begin assisting in whatever manner you need.

Returning Clients Are The Best Endorsement

Over the years Sorensen Law Group, P.C. has built a strong reputation for being able to deliver results that business leaders need. Consequently, we have been honored by many of our clients coming back to us again and again over the years as they face new and different issues. Our depth of understanding and knowledge regarding employment law and trade secret matters has made us a first choice for many in the business community.

Protect your business from employment law and trade secret matters that could damage it.