Employment Law Attorney With Nearly 25 Years Experience

Outside Counsel For Businesses In Need Of In-House Counsel-Style Support

Every company could use a loyal, knowledgeable and readily available in-house lawyer from time to time. The benefits of in-house counsel may seem obvious. An in-house attorney:

  • Knows a business well, inside and out
  • Does not need much ramping-up time to begin work on a case
  • Can resolve problems before they escalate to the level of potential litigation
  • Is available on demand
  • Does not trigger worries about sudden, unexpected legal costs
  • Is an integral part of a business

While it is common for large corporations to employ in-house lawyers, smaller companies typically cannot. With an established on-call outside attorney to fill the role of an in-house attorney, they can enjoy many of the same advantages that in-house counsel has to offer.

One way of looking at Sorensen Law Group, P.C.‘s position with such small to mid-sized companies is that of “outside/inside counsel” focusing on employment law. Mr. Sorensen is a well-qualified business advisor who regularly solves legal problems for employers of all sizes.

Examples of specific services he provides are as follows:

  • Assists with terminations
  • Manages proactive or responsive investigations
  • Drafts compensation agreements and severance packages
  • Helps employers plan and carry out reductions in force
  • Helps employers prevent and respond to workplace violence
  • Drafts and updates employee manuals
  • Assists employers that lack human resources departments in communications with employees about benefits
  • Conducts in-house employment-related training programs

Companies that hire the Sorensen Law Group, P.C. benefit from our nearly 25 years of experience in employment law. They appreciate our personable, businesslike demeanor. As an outside/inside employment law firm, we meet the needs of many in a customized way.