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Keeping Trade Secrets Working For Your Business

The value and assets of a business go far beyond inventory, real estate and a labor force. A company’s secret to success resides primarily in whatever makes it unique in the marketplace. Intangible assets such as good ideas and marketing strategies can make or break a business. So, too, can the tangible proprietary collection of information such as client lists, project management software systems or a theater company’s costume designs. Company assets such as these take time to develop. Astute owners and managers of companies realize how important it is to stay in charge of who has access to trade secrets such as these.

To prevent and respond to the violation or misappropriation of your company’s trade secrets, work closely with an attorney who has ample experience helping companies protect confidential and proprietary information. Reach out to the Sorensen Law Group, P.C. for counsel about intellectual property of these types.

Proactively And Responsively Confronting The Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets

Before your company loses control of confidential information, you should put policies in place to protect it from infringement. Sorensen Law Group, P.C. can help with the following actions:

  • Drafting and preparing for the signing of nondisclosure agreements for new employees
  • Periodically reminding and training new and veteran employees on the importance of keeping proprietary information solely in-house
  • Developing strategies and procedures for keeping trade secrets in-house

Sometimes, you do not have the luxury of preparation time or training sessions, but rather, you must respond after the fact to the misappropriation of trade secrets. You may need to hold employees or former employees accountable for the breaching of confidentiality. When misappropriation of your company’s trade secrets has occurred, you likely need an attorney’s help to:

  • Bring legal action against violators of nondisclosure agreements
  • Defend your company against lawsuits by former employees who feel wrongly targeted in litigation

Sorensen Law Group, P.C. can help your company on a one-time or ongoing basis to stem the tide of the outward flow of critically important intellectual property such as marketing plans.