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Should all employees have the same rules?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Firm News

There are laws set forth by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EOEC) that protect employees from discrimination in the workplace. Does this mean, however, that you cannot enforce different rules for different workers? Employment law issues can be complex, and there is not always a cut-and-dry answer to such questions.

An employer might have separate department rules in a company when the operations in those departments are not the same. For instance, if only one of department handles hazardous materials, there might not be a need to require employees in all other departments to wear protective gear. Employment law problems may arise, however, if a particular rule discriminates against a person or group of people.

Underlying demographics might be a key factor in employment law complaints

An employer might think that instituting a specific rule is good for workers or for the company as a whole. However, the demographics of that department might make it seem as though its workers are encountering discrimination. For instance, if all the workers in the department happen to be over age 45, a certain rule might make it seem as though the employer has a bias against people in this age group.

How can employers prevent employment law complaints?

If a worker files a complaint, an employer will want to make sure that no EOEC laws have been violated. It is a good idea to seek counsel from an experienced employment law attorney, as well, which can help an employer protect his or her rights and financial interests. This is especially true for cases that wind up in court.