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Avoid hostile environment employment law issues

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California employers are obligated to ensure the safety of their workers. For example, an employer must make sure every worker has undergone proper training to carry out his or her duties in the workplace. If a particular job requires safety equipment, such as hard hats for construction workers, an employer must also make sure that workers are equipped in compliance with applicable laws. Serious employment legal issues may arise if a worker accuses an employer of failing to provide a safe working environment.  

Over the years, many workers have claimed that their employers allowed a hostile work environment to impede their ability to do their job. There are several ways for employers to avoid this type of legal trouble. It is also a good idea to know where to seek support if a worker files a complaint.  

Zero tolerance from the start helps employers avoid legal problems 

An employer is likelier to avoid hostile work environment complaints by instituting a zero-tolerance policy from the start. Company policies can be incorporated into the employee handbook. It is critical that all employees clearly understand the legal definition of a hostile work environment. To ensure that every employee has been made aware of applicable state and federal laws, it is advisable to hold mandatory training sessions on the topic.  

Investigation and accountability 

Complaints about a hostile working environment seriously. Not only should every complaint be investigated but anyone who has engaged in wrongful behavior should be held accountable. If a California employer is unsure what the best course of action might be in a particular circumstance, a meeting with an employment law attorney is a good place to start.