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Why human resources professionals need experienced legal counsel

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The individuals who work in human resources bear a significant amount of responsibility as they have to manage employees while ensuring the employer follows all applicable employment laws. This role can be particularly complex in large California companies where there are significant numbers of employees to manage simultaneously. Ever-changing and complex employment laws make this job a serious and often complicated career choice. 

These are some of the most important reasons why it is critical for human resources employees and employers to have qualified counsel. An experienced legal professional can provide insight into how a company can balance its own needs with legal requirements. This may help a company avoid complications that may lead to disputes with employees and costly litigation. 

HR professionals and important legal requirements 

There are certain legal requirements that are important for every employer, and HR professionals must be aware of how these laws impact their company. As every business is different, the requirements of HR will depend on the operations of the company, the role of employees and more.  Some of the important legal matters that HR departments will need to address include: 

  • Wage and hour laws, including overtime pay, minimum wage and the proper classification of employees 
  • Workplace discrimination laws, including the avoidance of discriminatory employment practices, harassment and the development of a hostile work environment 
  • Workplace safety laws, including OHSA requirements for specific roles, as well as workers’ compensation rights for injured employees. 
  • Immigration laws, which include hiring only applicants that are eligible to work within the United States while avoiding discrimination in hiring practices 
  • Employee benefit laws, including the protection of an employee’s access to benefits available through the Affordable Care Act, Employee Retirement Income Security Act and more 

These are only a few of the issues of which HR personnel must be aware during the hiring and management of company employees, as well as during other stages of the employment process.  

The prevention of legal complications 

These matters can be difficult to navigate, making it important for HR professionals to have experienced legal counsel at every step. The prevention of legal issues and potential claims is critical for the protection of a company’s business interests. If you are the HR manager, work in the human resources department or own a business, it will be in your interests to learn how securing legal counsel can be beneficial for the health of your company.