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Starbucks sued for theft of trade secrets

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

In 2019, a California court dismissed a case after determining that it did not have jurisdiction. A lawsuit has since been filed in another state regarding the same issues. The case involves gourmet coffee mogul, Starbucks, and another coffee company, which alleges that the former has stolen its trade secrets and has manufactured products for sale using the information.  

A spokesperson for Balmuccino, LLC, located in Los Angeles, says that company representatives met with the CEO of Starbucks several years ago to discuss a possible partnership. The California company claims that, during the meeting, trade secrets were divulged to the Starbucks rep regarding plans for a product line of coffee-flavored lip glosses. Balmuccino filed a lawsuit after Starbucks started selling a line of lip glosses, which the plaintiff claims were developed using the secret information shared in the prior meeting.  

Starbucks denies the trade secrets allegations 

The Starbucks corporation has come out fighting against the lawsuit, saying it is without merit. However, the plaintiff alleges that there is evidence that Starbucks contacted one of its suppliers to help launch the lip gloss products and held a sweepstake for customers to win a product kit as a way of celebrating the return of a popular drink on its menu. The drink has since been discontinued.  

Trade secrets are protected by law 

This case will now be sorted out in court. Any California business owner facing similar problems regarding trade secrets may want to seek immediate legal consultation. Such issues are complex, which is why relying on experienced legal representation in court is always the best means of obtaining a victory.