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Common challenges faced by human resources professionals

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Working in an area that requires the management of people can be a challenging role. In addition to the personal issues that can arise, there are also potentially complex legal issues to consider. Human resources is an area where you may navigate legal concerns that require your employer to seek outside assistance in order to reach a beneficial conclusion. If you work in HR, you may benefit from an understanding of the matters that may affect your job. 

HR is the department tasked with the recruitment, screening, hiring and training of applicants to fill roles throughout the company. This department is also responsible for the enforcement of rules and company policies. HR is typically responsible for handling certain types of legal concerns that may arise between employees and the employer, maximizing productivity and protecting the interests of the company. 

Complicated issues you may have to navigate 

As an HR professional, you know that your job is not always simple, and you may have to navigate, interpret and implement complex legal requirements for the daily operations of your employer. While your role is to protect your employer, you will also benefit from taking steps to protect your own interests as well. Some of the difficult legal issues you may encounter as you do your job include: 

  • Discrimination claims — HR is typically the department that will investigate and handle allegations of discrimination. HR is also responsible for the implementation of anti-discrimination policies. 
  • Confidentiality — HR professionals often have access to sensitive and private information, and it is critical that they do not use this information in inappropriate ways or compromise the rights of employees. 
  • Fair pay — The HR department is responsible for the enforcement of important labor and employment laws, including fair pay. This means it is the responsibility of the HR department to properly classify employees and ensure company policies are fair and legal. 

California employers will benefit from seeking outside counsel for their HR departments. This guidance can be critical for certain matters, particularly those that may expose the company to legal claims and financial loss. Experienced guidance is often necessary for some of the sensitive and complicated matters an HR department could face, and knowledgeable insight may help reduce the chance of litigation, protect the interests of the company and shield the rights of those who work for the company.