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How can outside counsel help with employment law matters?

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Employers of all kinds have an immense responsibility to protect the rights and interests of their employees. It is not always easy to shield these rights and understand the law, but there can be significant legal and financial consequences for failure to do so. It can be a daunting task to navigate employment law matters, and you may find yourself trying to figure out how to handle complicated matters on your own. 

Many businesses and different types of employers find it helpful to have outside counsel on issues related to employment law. This can provide an objective and knowledgeable perspective on different matters that could impact your company. It can also lower your risk for litigation and shield your company from the possibility of financial loss due to claims. 

Common employment law issues 

One benefit of having outside counsel for employment law is that it releases you from the burden of having to have an in-depth knowledge of complex employment law concerns. If you are not an attorney yourself, you will benefit from having knowledgeable insight at your disposal as you make important employment decisions and protect the interests of your business. Common employment law concerns include: 

  • Issues over rightful leave and the appropriate application of the Family Medical Leave Act 
  • Affirmative action issues 
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration and workplace safety requirements 
  • Employment classification issues and Internal Revenue Service issues 
  • Union issues and representation of your company 

Even an inadvertent misstep with an employment law matter could lead to serious complications for your company. In some cases, these matters could expose your company to a lawsuit in which an employee seeks compensation and damages for his or her suffering. Due to the complex nature of many employment law issues, you will benefit from having experienced legal guidance at every step.  

Protecting the interests of your business 

Having outside counsel assisting your business with employment law matters may not seem like a necessary expense for your company at the moment. However, when you have secured the help your business needs, you are investing in the long-term health and stability of your company. Legal counsel can help you shield your California company from future setbacks and lay the foundation for success well into the future through the avoidance of legal complications and employment law issues.